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Educational Webinars

Our web seminars are a great way to learn about Diamond Mind’s product offerings and best practices and education on payments in schools. All of the webinars below are free and are approximately one hour long, unless otherwise noted.

Our webinars are hosted on GoToMeeting. If you have any difficulties registering, or logging in on the day of an event, please email

Recent Webinars

Maximizing Your Purchase Card Program


Purchase Card (PCard) programs empower your school staff, simplify procurement, better control expenses, and allow the business office to enjoy bottom line savings.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Power of the PCard and what problems they solve
  • How a Purchase Card Program works
  • How to receive automatic cash rebates on all of your purchases
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your spending
  • How one school was able to save 77% on their consolidation expenditure

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Learn why independent schools are consolidating payment processing vendors to streamline the process. Join our webinar “3 Ways to Consolidate School Payments for Better Payment Experience  as  payment experts Johnny Helenek and Katie Rosa share best practices for payment processing at independent schools:

  • Increase visibility to payments collected across campus with consolidated payment reporting
  • Reduce fee complexity with a simple deposit schedule
  • Only one number to call for customer service and technical support

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In this webinar, learn how electronic payment can help your school:

  • Reduce the complexity of your current process
  • Maximize enrollment and tuition revenue
  • Streamline processes to reduce time
  • Reduce system cost and error

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On Demand Webinars


Does your school run a summer camp? Join experts from CampBrain and Diamond Mind to learn how strong registration solutions can improve enrollment and create lasting relationships with parents. In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Create a great parent online registration and payment experience
  • More effectively manage and track multiple programs
  • Leverage a single system for summer and auxiliary programs
  • Quickly create custom registration forms for each program

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In this webinar, school payment experts will reveal how streamlining payment processing can help you:

  • Maximize enrollment and tuition revenue
  • Streamline processes to reduce time and cost
  • Reduce system cost and complexity
  • Deliver an excellent parent experience
  • Reduce error and time spent on reconciliation
  • Use tuition management services and systems to better serve parents and accounting offices

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5 Secrets to Tuition Management Success


In this webinar, school payment experts will reveal how online tuition management can help you:

  • Receive tuition payments faster
  • Provide cutomizable payment plan options to parents
  • Maintain direct relationships with families
  • Maximize enrollment and tuition revenue
  • Simplify and streamline tuition management and reconciliation
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7 Tips for #GivingTuesday Success

Holiday_Donations (1)

Are you prepared for the biggest giving day of the year? Did you know that last year Giving Tuesday grew by 146%? By applying just a few best practices, you can increase online donations for your school exponentially! Join the live webinar and learn to:

  • Boost online donations while reducing your workload,
  • Energize your community,
  • Attract donors who come back year after year!
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The 5 Key Elements to School Auction Success


Auctions are becoming more and more popular among independent schools, raising significant funds for schools around the country. But auction success really depends on getting a few things right – from planning to having the right auction technology. In this webinar, Roger Devine from will reveal the 5 key elements to school auction success.

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Paper to Online: 3 Ways to Increase Fundraising

Join the webinar to learn how online donations can increase funds raised while reducing your workload. Get an exclusive look at some examples of online giving pages, as well as tips and best practices for increasing donations this holiday season.

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Streamline Reconciliation with Balance

Automate the reconciliation process with Balance to save days of work each month, eliminate paperwork, increase accuracy, and gain clear visibility into the financial status across your entire campus. Use Balance to efficiently reconcile all your Diamond Mind merchant accounts with a single login

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Online Payment Forms: Back to School

It’s almost that time of year again – back to school! That means it’s time to start collecting payments for anything from after school programs to bookstore to donations. Join the webinar and learn how to create web forms in minutes with the latest form-building technologies.

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Tuition Management On Your Terms

You and your parents share a common goal: to keep your students enrolled. Collecting tuition payments, accommodating parent requests, resolving disputes or reconciling payments – a lot can get in the way of serving your community efficiently. Join the webinar with payment expert, Brian LeBright and learn how next-generation tuition management can help you manage tuition on your terms. 

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PCI Compliance – Ask a QSA Virtual Meeting

An interactive webinar designed to allow you to ask a Qualified Security Assessor from Trustwave specific questions you have around PCI Compliance for discussion and to gain clarity. Ask a question, or just sit in and listen. Space is limited, sign up today and submit your questions early.

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CampusPay: Streamline Payment Acceptance

Discover CampusPay, the only online form builder tool designed specifically for schools. You can easily publish online payment forms that look and feel like your school’s website with no coding knowledge required. The simple drag and drop technology makes it easy for you to offer convenience to your payers while streamlining the acceptance process.

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Online Fundraising

Explore new and creative ways to run online fundraising and giving campaigns. Discover ways that online fundraising has helped your peers run successful campaigns and how you can improve your existing fundraising efforts by bringing the process online. 

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In-House Tuition Management

Expand your knowledge on in-house tuition programs. Discover why managing tuition in-house helps schools improve the timeliness of tuition payments, and strengthens relationships with the community. 

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PCI Compliance – Ask a QSA Virtual Meeting

This on demand webinar with a Coalfire Qualified Security Assessor is designed to answer all the questions you have around PCI Compliance. If you have any additional questions or need clarification on anything, please reach out to us at

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Introducing Enhanced Flexible Payment Plans

Join us for a live demo of our payment plan capabilities within TuitionPay (formerly known as Tuition Portal), our in-house tuition management solution. Discover how to use technology to accommodate your parents’ financial needs with automated payment plans.

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Proven Methods to Increase Fundraising

View this best practices webinar to learn about creative ways to exceed your fundraising goals. Our internal experts have a combined 15 years of experience working with creative fundraising, and will be sharing proven methods that drive more fundraising revenue.

We will discuss the following

  • Creative ideas for generating revenue
  • Ways to leverage social media
  • Make the internet work for you
  • Tips for data collection, and why it matters
  • Tracking and analyzing
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Accepting Credit Cards for Tuition Without Incurring Fees

Are you lost on the journey through the world of tuition acceptance? There are many payment methods that you can accept, some that include fees, others that have strict restrictions in certain states, and many methods such as online or over the phone. Unfortunately there have been no simplified ways to see what options are available specifically to your school. Until now! View this archived best practices webinar now. During the webinar we will go over:

  • The cost-neutral fee options
  • Tips for making the rights decision for your school
  • Examples of what others schools are doing

This webinar is fantastic for anyone in the business office.

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Inside A Powerful Purchase Card Program

Are you still using a paper based procurement order process at your school? Most paper based cycles take up to 12 days to complete; however, schools that use purchase cards shave an average of nine days off each purchase cycle. Download our presentation to learn how your school can save time and money. Inside the 7 Elements of a Powerful Purchase Card Program

  • Plan Ahead
  • Empower Employees
  • Control Regularly
  • Eliminate Paperwork
  • Transfer into Accounting System
  • Expand Usage
  • Maximize Monetary Benefits
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Diamond Mind CampusPay

Get the inside scoop on the only form builder tool payment solution developed specifically for schools. Get inspired for how you can use online payment forms throughout your entire school campus. We’ll show you how simple it is to create online payment forms, with no coding knowledge needed! Diamond Mind CampusPay is fast and easy, provides unlimited forms and fields, and was developed specifically with independent schools in mind.

Learn how your forms can easily:

  • Seamlessly look and feel like your school’s website
  • Customize to match your schools colors and brand
  • Consolidate payment and form data in a single place
  • Manage, track and report on all your transactions
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Fraud Detection and Awareness Training

How well can you identify fraud at your school? Fraud is defined as the wrongful or criminal deception intending to result in financial or personal gain.

We are constantly being exposed to email phishing schemes, compromised websites, and people directly attacking networks. Even though fraud is rare within the school industry, it is on the rise and worth educating your team and yourself on.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be armed to answer the following:

  • What is fraud?
  • What kind of fraud can happen to our school? What are the signs and industry trends?
  • How can Diamond Mind help to prevent fraud?
  • How do I report suspected fraud?
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Successfully Hosting an Auction at your Independent School

Join Donna Pokowitz, Founder of Bidcoz, and Elliot Volkman of Diamond Mind for an educational conversation about successfully hosting auctions at your school. Donna will share her knowledge and expertise about hosting both onsite and online auctions. With the addition of web-based auction and event management software, schools can host these fundraisers throughout the year.

After attending this webinar, you’ll be armed to answer the following:

  • How do I plan and implement a successful auction?
  • How to make the most of my online and/or on site auction?
  • How do I use the online venue to raise more for my school?
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