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Tuition Management Made Easy

  • Maximize enrollment and maintain direct relationships with families
  • Offer convenient online payment via ACH / electronic check, credit and debit cards
  • Receive payments faster and maintain full control over funds
  • Reconcile and report payments with ease
  • Offer flexible, automated payment plans
  • No risk / no upfront cost
  • PCI compliant security

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Easy Online Payment

Enable parents to pay tuition online – in full or through affordable payment plans.


Flexible Payment Options

Provide multiple payment options, including ACH / electronic check, credit card and debit card to let families pay quickly and conveniently.

Intuitive Account Management

Payers can quickly sign up for tuition plans, review payment reports, and update payment details – all self-service without having to contact the school.


Quick & Easy Payment Reporting

Schools can review all payments in one single view. Easily filter & sort payments by date, status, payer name, amount, and quickly drill down into payment details.

Easily Create, Edit & Manage Payment Plans

Schools can easily manage payment plan details including number of installments, payment frequency, tuition amount, payment day and more. Offer payment plans that maximize on-time tuition payment and make tuition more affordable for parents.


Manage Plan Participants

TuitionPay enables schools to create, edit and review plan participants, payment plans, and payment status details.

Reconcile Payments with Ease

Schools can easily reconcile all payments across campus and eliminate hours of manual, error-prone reconciliation effort each month.


  TP AutoNotification

Automatic Notifications

Create, customize, and send automatic notifications to parents, keeping them informed of payments or account changes. Examples of notifications include, payment plan installment reminders, sales receipts, and failed payment notifications.

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