Two Reasons to Consider Multiple Merchant Accounts

If you are new to electronic payment processing or have only one MID or Merchant Identification Number at your school, you may have thought about adding another MID, as many schools do. But why is this such a good idea?

Four Tips to Take the Sting Out of Reconciliation

Reconciliation – the process of comparing your bank statements and payment receipts to make sure they are in agreement — is an inescapable monthly task for every business officer.

How to Get Started Accepting Credit Cards at Your School

Setting up a system for accepting credit cards at your school is a bit like buying life insurance: it’s important and a little complicated, so you want to make the right decision and then forget about it. We can help you get it right by demystifying for you what is involved in credit card processing.

Choosing a Registration Software for Your School’s Camps

Summer camp registration software takes the guesswork out of managing student payments and paperwork. How do you get started with all the various options available and know which is right for you?

Why Your Independent School Should Move to Online Admissions and Enrollment

If you need to process more applications and enrollments with the same number of staff, it might be a good time to consider an online admissions and enrollment system.

5 Questions to Start the Year on the Path to Streamlined Payment Acceptance

As a school business officer, the detailed and urgent tasks that spill out of your inbox each day make it difficult to stand back and assess the tools you use to complete those tasks. At the same time, if you don’t regularly reevaluate your basic setup, you may be missing opportunities to work more efficiently and/or more affordably.

Diamond Mind’s Top Ten of 2013

As we reach the end of our 10th year, we’ve been reflecting on how Diamond Mind’s accomplishments in the past year have positioned our company for another decade of expert service exclusively to independent schools.

When You Suspect Fraud on Your School’s Online Giving Account

It’s the busiest time of year for your school’s giving campaign but it’s also the period when we occasionally see fraud attempts in the online giving accounts at our client schools. What should you do if you suspect fraud and how can you increase your guard?

A Time for Giving

The Diamond Mind team showed its big heart this month by collecting food and clothing for two local community service organizations. Our team of 20 brought in food, hats and mittens for two groups:

So You Want to Start Accepting Credit Cards at Your School?

Accepting credit card payments offers significant benefits to independent schools. At the same time, there are legitimate concerns that may be holding you back. If you rigorously compare providers and start small in your implementation plans, you can put most of your concerns to rest and start reaping the advantages.