Having a School Expert Provide Your School Payment Solution

Diamond Mind has a ten year history of providing payment services and technology, including credit card and eCheck processing, exclusively to the independent schools community. Our unique specialization directly benefits our client schools in five ways:

Secret Ingredient for No-Hassle Payment Services: Vendor Compatibility

School Software Vendor Compatibility Diamond Mind’s payment services are directly compatible with the majority of the major web application vendors to the independent schools community like Whipple Hill, inRESONANCE, Silverpoint, …

3 Steps to Success With Your School’s Annual Fund

Recently, in our chats with school business officers we’ve been hearing more talk of annual funds. We figure if we’re hearing about it from more than a few of our clients, chances are you’re gearing up for your annual giving campaign as well. And while we can’t really share your pain, we can offer support as you begin this process by sharing best practices we’ve been gleaning from our school clients.

Diamond Mind and NBOA Expand Partnership

National Business Officer Association (NBOA) Affinity Partnership As part of their renewed agreement, Diamond Mind will continue in the exclusive NBOA Affinity Partner Program, a position the company has held …

Inspire the Donors at Your Annual Event to Give More

Increase Donations at Your School with a Paddle-Call A terrific way to increase donations with minimal effort is to include a Raise-the-Paddle (“RTP”) during your evening. You may have heard …

5 Tips for Increasing Efficiency in a School Business Office for Fall

As August begins, you may still be running summer camps, preparing for the end of the fiscal year and straightening files for upcoming audits. With so much to do, it’s easy to focus on the immediate and neglect the less urgent tasks that could make your life easier and your work more productive in the long run.

Should Your School Charge Fees for Credit Card Use?

You’ve likely heard by now about an important recent change in the credit card processing world: the ability for merchants in 40 states to add a surcharge fee to credit card purchases. It’s big news because, in a significant departure from past rules, it lets merchants directly recover some or all of their credit card servicing costs, essentially making the collection of payments via credit card cost-neutral or closer to it.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Auction – Save on Processing Costs at your Next Auction

A dollar saved is indeed a dollar earned so be sure to bring a critical eye to all the costs involved in your function as you prepare your event budget. You know to scrutinize the costs for the venue, catering, marketing, décor, entertainment and professional auctioneer services. But take a close look as well at a hidden cost that may save you a significant amount of money: the cost of collecting electronic payments.

Mobile Card Readers for Business Officers

The technology on the market was designed with small entrepreneurs in mind – micro-businesses like the baker at the farmer’s marker. So Diamond Mind decided to develop and now offers our clients a mobile reader tailored specifically to the needs of the independent school campus.

The Easiest Way to Accept Online Tuition Payments

Diamond Mind works hard to deliver new payment options to our independent school clients as soon as we learn of their value. That’s why we made two powerful additions to our Tuition Portal in 2013. Diamond Mind’s recurring billing and discount for cash features now ensure that online tuition acceptance is as convenient and hassle-free as it can be.