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Working Smarter With a School Information System (SIS)

“Working smarter with less” is a popular business mantra.  It not only applies to the workforce, but your school information system Captureas well.

A common infrastructure within independent schools today consists of mismatched administrative software having evolved over the years. This patched-together method of managing school business creates risk, requires increased time to manage data, and falls short of today’s need for flexibility and enhanced security.

A Diamond Mind partner, Senior Systems, has developed the free guide “A Simple Guide for Choosing a New Student Information System for Your Independent School” to help walk through important considerations when deciding whether an upgrade to a comprehensive system is in your school’s best interest.  It outlines the decision timeline and four best practice stages in selecting a system upgrade.

Requirements of independent schools are unique, and school information systems should reflect that.  The software you choose is an important decision that should reflect the individual needs of your school.  Be sure you can select specialized features including the use of your brand and third-party products to integrate with, including Diamond Mind.

Click here to download a free copy of “A Simple Guide to Choosing a New Student Information System for Your Independent School.”

Senior Systems provides a comprehensive administrative solution to manage and access real-time data with cross-functional communication customized for the unique needs of independent schools.  We deliver solutions every day to give faculty, staff and parents accurate essential data that is faster, more secure, and more efficient than ever before.  Harness the power of data flowing between admissions, academics, accounting, advancement, the school board, counselors and parents to provide each group what they need when they need it.

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