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Ideas Re Where To Host An Annual School Fundraiser

Capture partyAn independent school is more than an educational facility.  It’s also a thriving social community for students, families, staff and alumni.  The social aspect is one reason evening auction and gala fundraisers are a popular choice for events in the fundraising calendar.  It’s fun to give people an entertaining evening together in a social setting away from classrooms while raising money at the same time.

A successful event depends in part on where it’s held, and location is one of the early decisions a planning committee will make while deciding on a budget.   Many schools choose to host the event at the school, perhaps in a gym, and for good reason: no rental fee.   And never underestimate the power of twinkle lights to transform any space into a wonderland!  But this option is not always possible if a school has restrictions, for example, on serving evening food and drink on school property.  

So what are some other options?  Local hotel banquet rooms or restaurants that host wedding receptions can usually host a school fundraiser as well.  You can also consider the following:  

  • Local museums or theaters.  Some make space available for private rental after regular business hours, especially children’s museums.
  • Community centers. Many have space available for large halls or rooms that will work within your budget.
  • Fellowship halls in a nearby house of worship, perhaps one affiliated with the school.
  • A private home.  Does your school have a family with a large home they’re willing to make available?  Many people are thrilled to share their home with their school community, especially if they love to entertain and a caterer will do the work.
  • A neighborhood homeowner association facility.  If the association has a clubhouse available, a member parent or alumni could reserve the space on behalf of the school.

These are just a few location ideas.  Use your imagination and community location to determine what will be best for your event.  View our webinar “The 5 Key Elements to School Auction Success” here.  With the right location, theme, and careful planning, your event will be an evening to remember and continue the successful fundraising tradition at your school!