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When is it Time to Consider a New Software Vendor?

shutterstock_302303144-1200x800When considering school software, it’s common to think about what’s used to engage students inside the classroom.  But as every school administrator knows, software is also needed outside the classroom for budgeting, accounting, admissions, enrollment, web design and content.  There’s also tuition acceptance, financial aid considerations, fundraising events, communications, student information systems, and lunch and summer programs to consider.  And that’s just a start.

Don’t worry!  A school-focused software industry has emerged to help with these matters.  No matter what size your school or budget, there are software vendors to meet your needs.   

But when is the right time to explore a new software solution?  The answer is simple: before you need it.   

Administrators are constantly evaluating the workings of a school, and software considerations for any of the above-mentioned issues should be no exception.  Schools that ignore due diligence in choosing a software solution might rush into an inexpensive choice that lacks necessary features.  Other schools, particularly those with a relatively small budget, might overspend and invest in a more complicated solution than necessary for the size of their school.   

Think ahead, take time to know what you’re looking for down the road, ask a lot of questions, and you’ll find a vendor that can provide a solution within a budget that’s right for you.  And when you’ve made your decision, move forward with time to spare, if possible.  Many of us expect software installation to be as simple as downloading an app, but depending on the solution you’re looking for, a lead time of days or even weeks might be necessary for a seamless transfer of data and proper integration.

Diamond Mind partners with several leading school software providers, and we have a staff of dedicated independent school experts happy to speak with you at no obligation about your software needs.  We’re happy to help and pride ourselves on our collaborative approach.  You can also download our recent “Partner Ecosystem” e-guide here.  It’s a great reference for looking at software vendors specific to the private and independent school community.  When you’re ready, give us a call at 888 566 0945 x 777 or reach out by e-mail at  We look forward to hearing from you!