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Webinars and Case Studies for the Independent School Business Office

Diamond Mind has produced a series of webinars and case studies as part of our commitment to providing information on software and payment services to the K-12 school industry.  They’re a great way to learn about business office best practices and the experiences of other independent schools.

For case studies related to tuition management, digital payment processing, purchase cards, time management, convenience fees and spending controls, link to the Diamond Mind website case study page here.

Webinars listed below can be accessed via the associated hyperlink.

Demystifying Payment Processing – Learn how electronic payments can help your school reduce the complexity of your current process, maximize enrollment and tuition revenue, streamline processes to reduce time, and minimize system cost and error.  Click here.

Five Secrets to Tuition Management Success – School payment experts reveal how online tuition management can help you receive payments faster, provide customized payment options plans, maintain direct family relations, maximize revenue, and streamline reconciliation.  Click here.

PCI Compliance – A QSA Virtual Meeting – An interactive webinar with questions answered by a Qualified Security Assessor from Trustwave regarding specific PCI Compliance questions as they pertain to independent schools. Click here.

Maximizing Your Purchase Card Program – Purchase Card programs empower school staff, simplify procurement, better control expenses, and allow the business office to enjoy bottom line savings. Click here.

Three Ways to Consolidate School Payments for Better Experience – Learn why independent schools are consolidating payment processing vendors to streamline the process.  Payment experts Johnny Helenek and Katie Rosa share best practices for schools to increase visibility of payments across campus, consolidated payment reporting, and how to reduce fee complexity using a simple deposit schedule. Click here.

Your Summer Camp Registration Solution – Join experts from CampBrain and Diamond Mind to learn how strong summer camp registration solutions can improve enrollment and create lasting relationships with families. Click here.

The 5 Key Elements to School Auction Success – Auctions are becoming more and more popular among independent schools, raising significant funds for schools around the country. But auction success really depends on getting a few things right – from planning to having the right auction technology. In this webinar, Roger Devine from will reveal the 5 key elements to school auction success. Click here.

CampusPay: Streamline Payment Acceptance – Discover CampusPay, the only online form builder tool designed specifically for schools. You can easily publish online payment or non payment forms that look and feel like your school’s website with no coding knowledge required. The simple drag and drop technology makes it easy for you to offer convenience while streamlining the signup process.  Click here.

Benefits of Online Fundraising – Explore new and creative ways to run online fundraising and giving campaigns. Discover ways that online fundraising has helped your peers run successful campaigns and how you can improve your existing fundraising efforts by bringing the process online. Click here.

Do you have a topic you would liked explored in an upcoming webinar?  Let us know!  We value suggestions from the school community.  Send us an e-mail at  Thank you!