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Virtual Terminal FAQ Page

Here are some common questions addressed to Diamond Mind’s client services department regarding the virtual terminal. Special thanks to contributor Jessica Coakley, Senior Client Services Representative.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

A virtual terminal is a computer link merchants need to accept credit card and ACH payments online.  The Diamond Mind Virtual Terminal is provided through our gateway partner, Network Merchants or NMI, which connects online payment forms for payment validation and reporting.  You may hear this referred to as Diamond Mind, NMI, the gateway, or the virtual terminal.

How do I reset my password?

Please call Diamond Mind Client Services at 1-888-566-0945 ext. 444 or email to reset your password.

How do I cancel a credit card payment?

Only users with access to void or refund transactions have the ability to cancel credit card payments within the Diamond Mind Virtual Terminal.  School users with reporting only access should contact the school administrator when payments need canceled.  To locate the transaction, go to Reports – Search Transactions, click on the transaction ID in blue and select void or refund.    Please contact Diamond Mind Client Services if the school has a Diamond Mind Direct (DMD) Tuition Portal for payment cancellations.

What is the difference between Void versus Refund?

In the Virtual Terminal, schools have two options to cancel credit card payments as a void or refund.  For same day transactions, schools may cancel payments as a Void which stops the transaction from hitting the payers’ credit card.  Any transactions after the same day may be processed as a Refund, which may take 3-5 business days to be reflected on a payer’s statement.

What is the difference with Authorize only transactions?

When a credit card is processed as Authorize only, this will temporarily “hold” the funds in a Card Authorization – Pending Capture status.  Our schools typically use Authorize only during events where payer information needs securely verified to process sales at a later date.  If a payment was manually processed by a school user as Authorize versus Sale, the transaction will remain in Pending Capture status until updated by the school.  We recommend our schools to push the transaction to settlement by using Capture for pending items less than 30 days old.  Any outstanding Authorizations should be cancelled by the school as Void within 30 days to avoid fees assessed by the card brands.

How do I add email notifications?

The school’s account administrator or Diamond Mind Client Services can enable email notifications for a username’s individual email address, if multiple users need notifications, each need a username created with specific email notifications enabled.  We recommend at least one individual receive the daily settlement emails as a reminder that items have settled and notice the school will receive a deposit in the bank account.

Can the report download format be changed?

The school’s account administrator or Diamond Mind Client Services have the ability to create a report export format that reduces the export data from the original format.  The school may create multiple reports with individual or department names to assist with reconciliation needs.

For further questions about payment services at independent schools, please contact Diamond Mind at (888) 566-0945 x777 or