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Four Tips to Improve Parent Communication

Reduce Time-Heavy Calls to the Business Office

Four tips to improve parent communicationIs a significant portion of your day spent speaking with parents to answer billing and payment questions?   Basic questions such as: “When is my payment due?”  “I tried to make a payment with my credit card.  Why didn’t it go through?” or, “I made an ACH payment yesterday.  Why hasn’t it been applied yet?” Here are some suggestions to reduce repetitive questions while increasing business office efficiency.

Communicate Clearly and Succinctly Regarding Billing and Payments

It’s not simply whether you communicate with parents; it’s how.  Attention spans can be short.  The fewer words you use, the more likely parents will read and comprehend them.  Provide the information they need with as few words as possible. Bullet points help in this regard.

Have a FAQ Link Available on Your Website

Take note of the most common questions you receive and place a Q&A web link to provide answers before parents have a chance to pick up the phone.  That way, if it’s 11 p.m. and parents have a question about a payment they’re trying to make, they’ll get the answer they need without calling the business office first thing in the morning.

Provide Information Directly on Your Payment Portal

If your school offers an online payment portal, communicate information there.  Payment due dates, for example, or, if you require tuition refund insurance or have an enrollment fee, place that information directly on the portal.  If you accept ACH, let payers know they won’t see the payment reflected on their account for 2-3 days due to the time it takes to clear.

Add Your Payment Portal Address to Your Greetings

Make the payment portal easy to find on your website homepage and add the portal’s web address to your voicemail message, greeting, and email signature. This will decrease the number of conversations you’ll have simply to provide the location for parents to make payments. It will also serve as a payment reminder and reduce late payments!

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