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Manage Faith Formation Registration at Your School or Parish

Faith Formation is a religious education program that provides a preparation program of spiritual training for students to learn about the Catholic faith and tradition.  Classes are offered by Catholic …

Managing Tuition with an Electronic Payment Solution

Although some schools are still using traditional methods like cash and check to accept tuition payments, many have begun to move to online electronic payment platforms. Traditional payment acceptance requires …

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Camp Registration Software

Offering summer camp registrations online is convenient for your parents, and they can eliminate many of the hassles of managing your summer programs. But how can you be sure you …

Choosing a Registration Software for Your School’s Camps

Summer camp registration software takes the guesswork out of managing student payments and paperwork. How do you get started with all the various options available and know which is right for you?

5 Tips for Increasing Efficiency in a School Business Office for Fall

As August begins, you may still be running summer camps, preparing for the end of the fiscal year and straightening files for upcoming audits. With so much to do, it’s easy to focus on the immediate and neglect the less urgent tasks that could make your life easier and your work more productive in the long run.