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Software Solutions for the Finance Office

The budgeting process is one of the most important factors related to your independent school’s financial success, and when partnered with a carefully monitored accounting system, your school can reap …

Education Brands Introduces Its Website

 Education Brands is a family of education-focused software and service companies that works closely with 3,000+ independent schools to help them thrive in today’s digital environment.  Diamond Mind is proud …

Why Your Independent School Should Move to Online Admissions and Enrollment

If you need to process more applications and enrollments with the same number of staff, it might be a good time to consider an online admissions and enrollment system.

How to Choose an Online Admissions or Enrollment System

Online admissions and registration systems bring tremendous benefits to schools. They save time, offer convenience to parents, improve school-wide information sharing and data accuracy, and provide greater insight into school trends.