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Secret Ingredient for No-Hassle Payment Services: Vendor Compatibility

School Software Vendor Compatibility

Diamond Mind’s payment services are directly compatible with the majority of the major web application vendors to the independent schools community like Whipple Hill, inRESONANCE, Silverpoint, finalsite, Senior Systems, infosnap, PCR Educator, Camp Brain SchoolAuction and dozens more.

What does it mean to say we are compatible with a school’s existing vendor? It means that we have dozens and dozens of mutual clients with vendors, as well long-standing, well-established relationships with them.

It also means three things for you as an independent school business officer:

1. Speed and Ease:

You can rest assured that we’ll set up your Diamond Mind payment services in connection with these vendors quickly and easily and with very little effort on your part. We’ve done it before and we know exactly what we’ll see when we do it again.

2. No Hassles:

We know how these vendors set ups work, we work with their compatible gateways, we know which gateways work best with their software and how their system actually passes data through the gateway.  Thanks to our experience, it is rare that issues arise, and if they do, we know who to call and can reach them quickly through our many relationships with the vendor’s staff.

3. We Handle the Leg Work:

Think about it like this: Have you ever heard a colleague say that their new software works well now, but it was a nightmare setting the payment portion of it?  This is something you won’t hear when working with Diamond Mind.  When we’re ready to set up your program, 95% of the work is on our side and we can talk you through the small amount of work you have to do easily, in just a few minutes.

Let Us Figure it Out for You

We’re compatible with most of the major vendors that work with independent schools, but if we haven’t worked with a vendor before, we’ll reach out to them ourselves to determine if we can and ensure that the integration is smooth.

Ultimately, vendor compatibility is about the technology and relationships. Diamond Mind has built all of this through ten years of exclusive devotion to the independent schools community. It’s one of most direct ways that our commitment to the industry directly benefits our clients. It’s truly the secret ingredient that makes working with Diamond Mind the easiest and quickest way to accept payments campus-wide at your school.