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School Auctions 101: Questions to Ask While Developing a Plan

In the first section of our Getting Started Guide for Auctions, we provided an introductory look and the big picture that your school will face when starting to plan.

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Now that your team has been formed, it’s time to build a plan around your mission, theme, and story. The following are questions that you should ask your team to develop a strong plan and a foundation for success:

Developing a School Auction Plan

1. Auction committee design and operation:

  • Which parent and community volunteers are best suited for specific tasks?
  • How often should your team meet, and when are the best available times?

2. Day of the auction:

  • What needs to be in our day-of checklist to ensure each volunteer has a job?
  • Should there be food and drinks? If so, what kind?
  • Where should the auction be held?

3. Event budget:

  • How much do we need to spend up front? (Food, venue, decorations, websites, marketing material, etc.)
  • How much do we need to charge for admission to break even or make additional money?

4. Marketing:

  • What are the best ways to reach our community?
  • Who can build a website for information about the auction and let people register?

5. Post-event follow-up:

  • Were donors, sponsors and participants formally thanked?
  • Have fundraising results been reported?

6. Silent Auction:

  • What items should be in the silent auction?
  • How should we accept bids?
  • What should be the starting bid?
  • Should we have a buy it now price?
  • How should we accept payments?

7. Live Auction:

  • Who should present the items and take bids?
  • What are the best items we should feature?
  • How should we follow up with the winning bidders?
  • How should we accept payments?

8. Corporate Sponsors:

  • Who can we ask for venue space?
  • Who can we ask for items to be auctioned off?
  • Who can we ask about discounted or free food?
  • Can someone be a celebrity bar tender?

9. Raise the Paddle:

  • Should we feature a raffle or raise the paddle in the middle of the live auction?
  • What should be the specific call to action/project for the money raised?

10. Bidders:

  • Who can we talk to in advance to help get the bids moving?
  • If we do use Raise the Paddle, who can we talk to in advance to bid first?
  • Which bidders might be open to pre-event commitments or establishing a challenge match pledge?

Now that you have answered these questions your team should be able to develop a plan, assign tasks, and identify key people and companies within your community to begin having conversations with.

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