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How To: Promoting Your School’s Online Giving Site

If sharing is caring, then promoting means more money! In the past year, online giving has been on the rise, but unfortunately just because your school makes it available doesn’t mean your donors will find it.

It’s important to utilize the tools and resources that you already use to communicate with your community, and find creative ways to highlight your donation site. Between campaigns, technology, and your team, there are plenty of creative ways to promote your online giving site.

Simple Ways to Promote Your Online Giving Site

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Social Media

If your school isn’t on social media, seeking donations is a good reason to look into it. As you tweet, post, and share information that your community and parents care about, you can also develop fundraising campaigns.

A good guideline to follow is that once you create a social campaign, follow the 20/80 rule. About 20% of your social content should be on fundraising, with the other 80% focusing on news and other important information.

Email Signatures

You send emails, teachers send emails, everyone at your school sends emails. As an independent school, branding is important and that means consistency. Email signatures should reflect your school’s brand and be the same for everyone involved.

As part of this measure, you can also include a link to your donation area in your official signature. It’s not necessarily the most obvious location; however, it does increase the possibility of someone finding it.

Event Materials

Each year your school puts on many different kinds of events. Between your annual gala, sporting events, or even a school art sale, you likely have some sort of printed event materials. As you can probably tell from the previous two promotional areas, there is a common theme. Anywhere that you communicate with your community is a good place to let them know about your donation site.

School Website button

Your donation area probably already has a place in your navigation, but you can always make it more obvious on your homepage. While you don’t need it to take up a huge spot, there are some tools and plugins that allow a slide-in box to appear after a short period of time.

These boxes are very invasive as they move in from the right side of the screen, and have a simple call to action. Whichever option you choose for your homepage, you’ll want the call to action to be above the fold, or essentially what is on screen without scrolling.


Similar to including a link to your donation site in your emails, you can also include them in your newsletter. Most schools have monthly email newsletters, and even quarterly print newsletters. Include a simple call to action with a link, and it will increase your community’s exposure to the donation area.

Branded Online Giving Experience

When it comes to your school, your brand is important. As soon as a donor hits the page, they should know and trust that the money will be going to you. With the right solution and branding, your experience will promote itself. To learn more about adding an online giving area to your site, speak with one of our specialists today.

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