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Take Control of Spending & Reduce Cost

  • Save an average of 77% when moving to purchasing cards
  • Simplify school procurement and expense management
  • Earn cash rebates on every dollar spent
  • No annual fees – no interest charges
  • Simplify expense processing and reporting

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Take Control of Spending with Purchase Cards

You decide when and where the purchase cards can be used by school staff. Set spending limits through online controls and get peace of mind while giving school staff the flexibility they need to make authorized purchases.

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Reduce Cost & Simplify Procurement

Pcard users report a 77% savings when moving from a purchase-order process to purchasing cards. Cardholders can use their cards for anything it has been authorized for, including classroom supplies, travel expenses or utility bills. Backed by the powerful MasterCard brand for universal acceptance, payments are delivered to suppliers through the MasterCard network within days, so your account payable team doesn’t have to worry about or manually track payments.

Earn Cash Rewards

Qualify for automatic cash rebates on all of your purchases. No cost to participate, no caps. The more you use your card, the higher your cash rebate will be. And the rebate is automatically deposited directly to your bank account.

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Simplify Reporting

Easily review all payments and status details, providing deep visibility into expenses. School staff can see their individual purchase card activity statements online.

Easily filter and sort payments by date, status, payee, amount, and quickly drill down into payment details when needed.

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