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Online Payment Forms Made Easy

  • Collect payments right from your school website
  • Increase payments with secure, school branded form pages
  • Accept online payment via ACH / electronic check, credit and debit cards
  • Create & customize payment forms in minutes – no programming required
  • Simplify accepting, processing, reconciling, and reporting of all payments
  • Unlimited forms – No risk / no cost for your school
  • Robust, PCI-compliant security
  • Cloud-based, no software to install and maintain

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Accept Payments through School Branded Forms

Create school-branded forms in minutes to accept payments for admissions, fundraising, summer programs, donations, auctions, events, and more. Increase the amount of funds processed digitally and reduce the time, effort and cost of accepting payments.

Create New Forms in Minutes

Easily set up your form in minutes by giving it a name, entering the web address, and selecting payment options. Provide multiple payment options, including ACH / electronic check, credit card and debit card so families can pay quickly and conveniently using their preferred online payment method. Seamlessly integrate with the online payment gateway.


Customize Your Form Without Any Manual Coding

Easily customize forms to match the look & feel of your school website. Drag & drop any desired form fields into your payment form to collect required information – no programming required.

Automate Payment Receipts

Create custom payment receipts that are automatically sent to each payer via email. No more phone calls from parents asking whether their payment has been received.

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Automate Notifications & Reporting

Create custom email notifications sent to your development office and accounting team every time a new payment is received. Review all payments in one single view and filter payments by form, date, payment status, payer name, amount to quickly drill down to payment details.

Reconcile Payments with Ease

Quickly and accurately reconcile all payments across campus and eliminate hours of manual, error-prone reconciliation effort each month. Export payment details for seamless integration with your accounting systems.

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