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Payment Solution Improvements Resulting from Client Feedback


“Client feedback” is positive, neutral, or negative, but it’s always valuable.  Companies should be eager to learn about client and customer experiences after using a service or product, and businesses always benefit by providing methods for receiving direct feedback in order to provide a fast response and positive resolution.  After all, nothing’s more frustrating for a customer than to have a pressing issue met with a never-ending busy signal or indifference, and on the flip side, businesses value positive testimonials resulting from pleasant experiences.  

But in a broader sense, there’s another way client feedback can shape a business and help clients: by providing an avenue for suggestions and intelligence that can improve products and services from the best source of all, the customer.   

Diamond Mind is proud of its 99% client retention rate and 95% positive experience reviews.   But our client feedback results in more than just statistics.  Sometimes the best ideas for future products and services come from you, the independent school customer, and we welcome them!

Diamond Mind has  provided schools with electronic payment processing since 2003, and our services and products continue to adapt in response to the needs of our schools.  For example, when our client schools requested a method to easily create their own online payment forms rather than outsource them to vendors, we released CampusPay in 2014.  But then we heard from schools wishing for online forms that didn’t need a payment feature.  We adapted the product and recently updated CampusPay to allow for nonpayment forms as well.    

Similarly, as electronic tuition payments started to flourish at independent schools, parents asked schools for an automatic payment method.  Schools came to us with the feedback from families.  The result?  Automatic recurring tuition payment functionality with TuitionPay.    

So next time a you catch yourself saying “I wish I could . . . “ in the business office, let us know!  If you hear suggestions from school parents, let us know that too.  Maybe there’s a solution already out there you’re not aware of and we can point you in the right direction.  Maybe your feedback will plant the seed for a new solution.  Diamond Mind and our Education Brands partners are interested in how we can help your school and others with digital solutions across campus, and our best source of those ideas is from you, the independent school customer.

Good news, bad news, wish lists:  share with us!  We’re  listening!

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