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How Online Portals Help the Parent Experience at Independent Schools

An “Online Portal” is a starting site for users to connect to a website or the internet.  Portals provide users with specific access to sites related to banking, insurance, government, investments, health care. . .  and, of course, education.

As an Education Brands partner with Diamond Mind, Senior Systems’ fully integrated database solution allows families to manage data effectively with a parent online portal.  You’ll enable your school to help parents by providing an excellent user interface between their family and your school!

Parents and students have grown familiar with using online portals in their daily lives, so it’s only natural that your school should provide an easy-to-use login and access to issues related to the school community.  Education management is available with the click of a mouse; what’s not to like?  There are many ways families can benefit, and here are just a few. . .

  • Online application and enrollment capability;
  • Easy communication via online notifications, documents, emails, newsletters, etc;
  • Document upload capability;
  • Reduced or eliminated paper trail at home and at school;
  • Tuition and donation payment management;
  • Fast access to school event calendar;
  • Online access to progress reports, report cards, etc.
  • Streamlined reporting capability in the business office;
  • Significantly fewer calls to the business office because answers are found online!


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