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Online Forms – Make Signups Simple in the Coming School Year

Every parent can relate:  the first week of school, forms come home, and with children in different grades, they multiply.  Sign up for the back to school picnic here.  Offer to donate classroom supplies here.  Update emergency contact information there.  Lunch plans.  Field trips.  After-school activity registration.  PTA volunteer signups.  It’s an annual tradition that covers a table until everything is signed and returned.  Then it’s the school’s job to sort the gathered information.

There’s a better solution for this annual spectacle and other forms that are necessary throughout the year – paperless forms online.  With CampusPay software from Diamond Mind, the piles of paper are no longer necessary.  CampusPay is easy to learn, and requires no coding knowledge.  If you can drag and drop using your computer’s mouse, you can create and publish an online form for your school’s website.  Customized, unlimited forms can be created and shared in only minutes.  As the information is collected from families, it can then be downloaded for real-time reports.  Think of how much time you can save!

Here are some common online forms created and used by the independent schools we work with:

Online Giving Forms

No matter what the donation is for (alumni fund, capital campaign, scholarship fund, for example) a customized form can be made for families to conveniently donate online without mailing in a paper check.

Event Registration

Provide an online form to make signups a breeze.  Field trips, auctions, fundraisers, spaghetti dinners, volunteer events – if people need to sign up for it, it can be done online with CampusPay (even if there’s no payment necessary.)

Miscellaneous Online Payments

If a family has an outstanding balance for tuition, supplies, books (or anything else), give them a convenient way for them to pay electronically with an online payment form for that purpose.

After School Programs

After school programs are important for parents who have hectic schedules, and also for those students who want to learn outside of the regular curriculum.

Lunch Programs

Lunch programs can be managed through online forms. This solution is a favorite for parents to make sure that their students are spending lunch money in the right place.

Parent Associations

Do you have a parent program that requires registration for participation? Online forms also offers an easy way for parents to pay any associated membership fees.

Summer Programs

There are plenty of options available to manage your summer program, but if you are looking for a simple solution to accept enrollment, online forms are a great option. Easily track payments and students in one place.

Ticket Sales

Sell tickets for theater productions and sporting events online.

The Independent School Solution

To learn more or get additional ideas on how you can use forms at your school, speak with a Diamond Mind subject matter expert today!  We can be reached at 888 566-0945 or