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Manage Faith Formation Registration at Your School or Parish

Faith Formation is a religious education program that provides a preparation program of spiritual training for students to learn about the Catholic faith and tradition.  Classes are offered by Catholic schools and parishes, and are primarily designed for students that attend secular schools.

TADS, an Education Brands company that partners with Diamond Mind, is your school’s premier solution for registration, enrollment, communication and management necessary for your Faith Formation program.  In addition to Faith Formation management, TADS can also manage other church programs including Vacation Bible School, mission trips, etc.  With TADS you will:  

  • Save time, reduce paperwork, and greatly increase efficiency in the Faith Formation registration process;
  • Have paperless data collection and reporting for students and families;
  • Benefit from “conditional logic,” a feature that directs the question or online page a respondent sees based on how they answer a question in the application process;
  • Provide digital form upload capability for families (for example, sacrament records)
  • Enable online payment capability for families via credit card or ACH/eCheck;
  • Upload and audit documentation related to financial aid, if applicable;
  • Provide an excellent parent experience for online login and registration; and more.

You can view a six minute demonstration regarding how TADS can provide efficiency for your Faith Formation program here.  To learn more about how your school or parish can benefit from TADS for religious education programs, contact Matt McLean at 612 548 3368 or