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Help With Prioritizing Business Office Tasks at Your School

Happy New Year!  After a winter break, schools are back in session.  Business officers are ready to start the new year right, but tasks accumulate and new ones arrive in the inbox each day.   It can be overwhelming and difficult to prioritize where to begin.

January is a good time to evaluate your basic setup and assess the tools necessary to complete urgent tasks in order to work efficiently and affordably.   Take a few minutes this week — at the start of the new year — to ponder these five questions which can help determine whether you need to re-evaluate pieces of your setup:

  • Are you happy with your tuition payment acceptance method? Do you (and your school families) find it efficient and responsive to all concerned?  Independent schools today have a variety of methods by which they can accept and manage tuition payments, either internally or outsourced to a third party.  If you’d like improvements next time deposits or tuition payments roll around, now’s a good time to look into changes.
  • Are you overwhelmed with manual paperwork? Solutions are available to electronically streamline student information, admissions and enrollment, tuition payment acceptance, or any of the many requirements of an independent school that requires data dissemination and recording.
  • Do your existing software vendors complement one another, or do they require duplication of efforts? It’s possible to work with vendors that share a software ecosystem, and the benefits will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
  • Do you have several payment processors serving your school? Are you spending too much time on reconciliation, PCI compliance, security or training issues for each processor? If so, look into consolidating all of your payment processing with one provider and/or opening additional merchant account(s) with a single processor.
  • Are credit card purchases by your staff unpredictable and seemingly beyond your control?  A school purchase card program can provide you with the controls necessary to manage and limit purchases by faculty and staff.

If you have questions about school software solutions, download our Partner Ecosystem Guide.  It’s free and contains information regarding solutions for tuition acceptance, admissions/enrollment, web design, financial aid, SIS systems, summer camps, and more!   You can also contact a Diamond Mind representative at 888 566-0945.  Diamond Mind and our Education Brand partners have worked with thousands of independent schools and we’re happy to share our expertise with you!