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Happy New Year from Diamond Mind!

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!  We hope your winter break was filled with rest and relaxation.

It’s hard to believe that schools are already halfway through the academic year. Business operations are in place for now, but it’s not too soon to consider needs on the horizon.  Is there an operation in the business office that isn’t working well?  Diamond Mind and our Education Brand partners are here to help.  We’ve worked with thousands of independent schools and we’re happy to share our expertise with you.  Here are some questions to consider:

Do you spend too much time addressing tuition payments?  Perhaps you can consider outsourcing your school’s tuition management, or improve your in-house method of tuition acceptance, reporting, and management.

Is reporting an issue?  Do you need more efficient methods for payment acceptance?  Is there too much manual paperwork when electronic payment alternatives are readily available?

Do you need an improved Student Information System that can quickly provide all the data you need? 

Does your website adequately reflect the brand and mission of your independent school?

Do you have a payment card solution that allows the business office control over how these cards are used by faculty and staff?

capture-ecosystemWhatever your business office requirements, Diamond Mind and our Education Brand partners can provide the assistance you need.  Call us today at 888 566 0945, or e-mail us at You can also get started by taking a moment to download our Partner Ecosystem Guide here.  It’s free and contains information regarding solutions for tuition acceptance, admissions/enrollment, web design, financial aid, SIS systems, summer camps, and more!