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Giving Tuesday is November 29

11-29-2016The holiday season begins soon and with it comes a busy time of year.  Your school’s families will socialize, plan, travel, and shop more than usual.  It’s easy to see how a fundraising campaign might not be a top priority among families, but #GivingTuesday can help.  Let it be the jump start you need for the giving season!

#GivingTuesday is a movement created in 2012 to encourage donors to give time, money or resources on a single, specific day. It is held annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving,  and last year helped raise nearly $117 million online in the United States alone.  Independent schools are perfectly suited to benefit from this movement, so don’t miss out!  Here are ways to steer this year’s donors toward your school and community on November 29:

  • Create an outreach campaign to encourage online donations for your school on that day with a financial goal in mind;
  • Maintain enthusiasm with a school-branded #Giving Tuesday online donation form for that day alone. It’s easy, takes only minutes to do, and Diamond Mind can show you how;
  • Engage social media by encouraging donation announcement hashtags on Facebook and Twitter. In 2014, an average of 12,000 #Giving Tuesday tweets were sent out per hour.
  • Your greatest resources in giving are alumni; include them in the outreach campaign.
  • Celebrate #Giving Tuesday’s success by making it an annual event.

#GivingTuesday isn’t simply about money.  Many schools also organize clothing and food drives or participate in volunteer fairs.  Whether the focus of your #GivingTuesday event is dollars, time, or resources, your school and community will benefit.

If you have questions how you can successfully incorporate a #GivingTuesday online donation page, please call us at 888 566 0945 x777.  Our school experts have helped over one thousand independent schools process payments electronically.  You can also watch our pre-recorded webinar Giving Tuesday Success Tips here.  Good luck with your #GivingTuesday event.  We’d love to hear about it!