GACS ePayment Portal

Welcome to Greater Atlanta Christian's ePayment Portal. We are pleased to offer this easy, secure online payment system as a convenient alternate method for families to make electronic payments of tuition and fees. You may make payments here via credit card (MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Visa) or electronic checks (ACH/eCheck). There are no additional fees associated with making your payment in this manner.

Credit card payments made through this system will appear on your credit card statement as "Greater Atlanta Christian School." Electronic check payments made through this system will appear on your bank statement once the payment clears your bank. System acceptance and confirmation of your payment by eCheck does not guarantee your bank account has sufficient funds to cover the draft. eCheck payments are subject to insufficient funds just as they would be if you sent a check. Your account will be considered PAID once your eCheck payment successfully clears your bank, which can be three to five business days. You are responsible for submitting payment sufficiently in advance of the due date to allow for your bank processing time. Late fees may apply if your eCheck payment clears after the due date.

Please carefully enter the first and last name of the student, student id number (located on your statement entitled "Record ID"), payment description, and amount. The final page will allow you to print a receipt. An email will also be sent to you confirming the system accepted your payment.

Thank you for using Greater Atlanta Christian School's ePayment Portal!

Student Information
Student First Name* Student Last Name* Student ID * Payment Description* Payment Amount*


Refund Policy
In the event of the withdrawal, absence, or dismissal of the above student, the parent MUST notify the Business Office of the official withdrawal. After May 1, 2014, I, the parent/guardian, understand that I will be responsible for all fees incurred through the day of withdrawal, in addition to an early withdrawal charge of $2,120; after June 15 the withdrawal fee will increase to $4,240.

I have read and agree to the Refund Policy