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Download Your Giving Campaign Guide

Have you planned your fundraising goal setting sessions for the new year?  Since every successful fundraising campaign begins with a well thought plan, it’s a good idea to gather a team and craft a strategy to optimize your school’s fundraising events in 2018.  Begin by downloading a giving and fundraising guide by clicking here.

As you get started, ask the team what’s special about your school and its mission, whether that mission has changed in the past year or two, and how your efforts can make the biggest difference in the education of students.  When that’s complete, you can move from the abstract to the tangible with a realistic strategy.

Things to consider include:

  • Are there specific goals you need to accomplish? For example, does your school need to upgrade computers or strengthen a scholarship fund? Donors are more likely to give if there’s a specific goal in mind.
  • How much money do you need to reach your goal?  Let your donors know.
  • When do you need to reach your goal? Determine a start and end date for your campaign.
  • Which donors and prospects are you looking to for funds? Identify your target audience.
  • How will you solicit donations? Direct mail?  Email?  Both?  Create a series of emails to engage and appeal to your supporters.
  • Make donations simple with a payment link on your website. Diamond Mind can show you how.

It’s also a good idea to create a series of emails to engage and appeal to your supporters and audience.  Begin with a soft launch by reaching out to your most devoted supporters.  A sturdy base of support can make all the difference in your giving campaign!  Then move forward with a hard launch to your entire school community announcing your campaign.  In the middle of the campaign, email your network with compelling appeals and updates on your progress, and when the campaign ends, be sure to thank your donors, fundraisers, and supporters.  Update them on your campaign’s results and positive impact!

Diamond Mind works with over a thousand independent schools nationwide and can provide you with tools to make your campaigns a success. Contact us today at 888 566-0945 or