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Download White Paper Regarding Effective Electronic Payments

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As the leading provider of electronic payment services at independent schools nationwide, Diamond Mind regularly surveys schools to determine current and future trends regarding software providers and payment services.

Our goal in providing the white paper “Effective Electronic Payments & Your School” is to provide insight for business officers about reasons and methods for efficient electronic payment services. The research had three parts:

  • Detailed surveys of over 135 school business officers in 24 states with follow-up interviews
  • Detailed surveys of 200 parents
  • Interviews with a variety of software companies providing services to independent schools

No matter what your school’s enrollment, these findings are relevant to the over 25,000 private schools nationwide.  It is designed to give you the background, knowledge, and tools you need to successfully audit and manage electronic payments. Download now and read more about:

  • “Electronic Payments 101” for anyone who is not completely sure how software, the payment gateway, and the service provider work together to enable electronic payments
  • Notes and suggestions on compliance with mandatory Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS)
  • Checklist to help you evaluate the state of your school’s electronic payment systems across your whole campus
  • Tips for finding an effective service provider given the needs of your departments
  • Methods for providing fast, effective payment services to school families in a manner efficient for the business office as well

By learning what an ideal electronic payment system consists of, you and your business office can set sights on your ideal result and take effective steps to reach that goal.

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