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The Service and Software Ecosystem – Download The Partner E-Guide Here!


Diamond Mind, along with our Education Brand partners TADS and Senior Systems, understands there’s no one-size-fits-all software solution for independent schools.  As schools continue transitioning to cloud-based business operations, an ecosystem of providers has emerged to encourage vendor synergy to help schools streamline operations that include tuition management, admissions and enrollment, financial aid, and more.  

How can solutions work together campus-wide?  Download our e-guide and learn more about the role of key service areas and suggestions for recommended providers.  

Tuition Service/Software – As the primary source of funding for independent schools, it’s important to choose a tuition acceptance solution that works best for your school. Schools can choose between a “service” or “software” solution.   There are benefits to both; consider what’s right for you based on your business office, families, and school.

With a service solution, schools outsource tuition management and acceptance to a vendor.  Families register payment plans directly with the vendor who then addresses payment plan management, payment acceptance, fees, and initial follow-up.

If outsourcing isn’t needed, a school may wish for an in-house management system.  Design your own payment plans and control allowance for payment adjustments due to extenuating family circumstances and receive all payments directly from families.  

Admissions and Enrollment – This includes inquiry management, data collection, family communications, internal collaboration, contract development, payment collection, and more.  

Student Information Systems – An effective student database is welcomed and appreciated among all school departments.  It’s critical to identify the solution that best aligns with your needs and budget.  A basic SIS includes academic/registrar solutions (grades, attendance, courses, etc.) with “lite” solutions for fundraising and communications.  A more robust SIS can include financial management and accounting tools.  

Web Design and Content Management – You’ve heard it before: “You only have one chance at a first impression.”  Make yours count!  The design and structure of your website should showcase your school’s brand and mission to attract the students, families and contributors that will shape your institution for years to come.  

Financial Aid – The financial aid team allocates funds to the most qualified families based on the school’s unique aid criteria.  Financial aid management can streamline the data collection and verification process and employer your staff with tools to efficiently evaluate applicants and communicate with families.  

These are just some of the areas within a school that rely on software solutions.  There are also summer programs, auctions, donor management, class registration management, and lunch programs to consider.  Let us help you find the solution that is right for you!  For over a decade, Diamond Mind’s commitment to the K-12 community makes us the ideal payment partner for the best-of-breed school providers.  Call us today at 888 566 0945 x777 to learn more!