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Choosing a Registration Software for Your School’s Camps

Summer camp registration software takes the guesswork out of managing student payments and paperwork. How do you get started with all the various options available and know which is right for you? We recommend beginning with these three questions.

Do I need a full camp management system or is a more tailored system a better fit?

Many camp management systems are developed for stand-alone camps unaffiliated with schools. As such, there are additional functions that these systems offer including alumni tracking, campus store management, staff management, etc.  Many schools which offer summer camps already have systems in place to manage alumni, staff and transportation, so paying for a more expensive and extensive system is not necessary.  Be clear about what you do and do not need from the system as your evaluate the options.

Does the software provider offer well-regarded, personal customer support?

Offering summer programs means additional duties and work for you and your staff so it’s important not to add to that burden with new software that is difficult to install or use.  Ask questions before you buy, probe to find out what the support is like, will I have a dedicated account manager?  How quickly will my problems be resolved?  Are there reviews/testimonials on the support for the company? We also recommend that you ask to speak with a few of the companies clients, to get stories from other schools on their experience with the product.

Does the program allow all forms of electronic payments for camp registrants including ACH and all the major credit cards?

Offering online payments offers the parent convenience to pay on time, saves staff time, improves cash flow and gives schools greater insight into trends and patterns in camp registrations. At the same time, eliminating any particular type of payment risks losing or at least annoying a potential willing payer.  Be sure to ask before you buy, that all forms of payments can be accepted through the system.

Summer programs can be a great way for schools to grow their student body and community impact, train staff, strengthen students and increase income.  The right registration system can reduce some of the administrative work for your staff, keep your process simple and your summer productive.

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