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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Form Building Tool

What are your school’s needs when it comes to payment, registration, or signup forms?

A school’s form building needs are unique yet familiar to anyone in the independent school community.  Schools require paper or (increasingly) online forms for payments, orders, registrations and sign-ups.  Depending on the event, forms are needed for students, parents, faculty and staff for academic and/or extracurricular event and payments.

The good news is that these needs can be streamlined and addressed with a single form building software for all your form needs.

If your school is seeking a solution for online form building software, be sure your solution considers the following:

Easy to Use

Not long ago the only way to build an online form was to know HTML, JavaScript or another complicated web language.  Those days are over.  Form building can be learned in minutes, and that’s not an exaggeration.  If you can drag and drop on a computer screen, you can create a signup or payment form the day your software is installed.

Unlimited and Customized Form Creation

Between event registrations, tracking food preferences for lunches, accepting online giving, or setting up for your next gala auction, your school has an endless need to collect information. When looking for a form building solution, ensure you get a bang for your buck with customizations, editable fields, unlimited entries and forms, reporting, storage, and users.


What if your school has a last-minute request to sponsor a weekend fundraising car wash?  You need an immediate way to collect volunteer information.  An online form builder that allows you to use templates or duplicate and edit existing forms will allow your school to quickly develop new ones and have them live in minutes.


With data breach headlines appearing more frequently, it’s important you secure the information you’re collecting. The best solutions allow you to host the forms on a secure site that can also handle your traffic load.

School Branded

Your colors and logo are part of what makes your school great. Keep your brand intact so parents, teachers, faculty and students can trust who is collecting the information. By using a form builder that lets you customize, your users will immediately know who the form is for.

Although there are plenty of online form building solutions available, there is only one specifically designed for independent schools. CampusPay, Diamond Mind’s premier software solution for form building, is designed for schools, affordable, easy to use, and will save business officers time and money.

To identify the best form building solution for your school, speak with a subject matter expert today.

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