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Happy New Year from Diamond Mind!

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!  We hope your winter break was filled with rest and relaxation. It’s hard to believe that schools are already halfway through the academic year. …

How To Maximize Your Purchase Card Program

A Purchase Card Program (also abbreviated as PCard or P-Card) allows goods and services to be procured without using a traditional purchase  process. A Purchase Card Program can empower your school staff, …

Manage School Expenses Without the Headache

  Are you using a paper-based procurement order process at your school? Maybe even having staff make purchases with their personal credit cards then going through a manual reimbursement process? …

Six Policies to Ensure Purchase Card Program Success

Purchase cards allow school business officers to increase control and insight over staff spending, all while easing reconciliation and speeding up the procurement process for everyone. However, putting cards in …

How Your School Can Benefit from a Purchase Card

A purchase card is a type of payment card that is paid off each month. This allows a manager to limit the spending of each individual card holder. Purchase cards differ from ordinary business or corporate credit cards in that there is an extensive system to monitor spending, categorize spending and manage spending by “profiling” different cards for different people, and no balance is carried forward.

7 Ways to Achieve a Powerful Purchase Card Program

Once you’ve been convinced of the cost savings you can generate for your school with a purchase card, and have chosen your provider, it’s time to put your program in place. We’ve put together a seven point plan to ensure that you get everything you can out of your new P-card program.

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