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Get Ready for the Giving Season!

The season givingof giving is right around the corner. Whether motivated by a fundraising campaign, season of year, or simply a tax receipt, most donors make their charitable donations in November and December.  Be sure your school is ready!



Provide an Online Donation Feature on Your Website

Online donations are the new normal over paper check donations. It’s common for Diamond Mind client schools to see a four or fivefold increase in donations after providing the ease of an online donor form for the first time.  As an added bonus, your donors will receive a customized receipt for tax purposes. That’s less work for the business office!

Allow Recurring Donations

Receiving a voluntary donation is great.  It’s even better if it repeats for months or years.  For this to happen, you’ll need to provide a recurring donation feature, and you’ll create a more stable and predictable flow of dollars for your school year ’round.

Sponsor a Giving Day at Your School

One of the most effective things you can do during giving season is promote a single day for donations within your school community.  A giving day works well because:

  • It provides a shared sense of community among donors;
  • It provides motivation for donors to act. For example:  Which grade or class can collect the most in donations on a given day?  A bit of competition can make a difference.
  • You can utilize the influence of social media.  For example, some donors might enjoy sharing their donation news on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have questions about how your school can facilitate financial gifts this giving season, call us at 888 566-0945 x777 and one of our school experts will be happy to speak with you.  You can also watch our recorded webinar here:  7 Tips for Giving Tuesday Success!

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