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It’s Auction Planning Time – Does Your School Have the Right Auction Software?

2018-auction-guideSpring is the most popular time of year for schools to host an annual fundraising auction.  An auction’s success starts with a good plan regarding budget, theme, venue, volunteers, and, of course, items.  With the right auction software, it all comes together!

It can take months to plan a successful auction, and Diamond Mind want to help.  Download our new 2018 Fundraising Checklist here and learn more about the following:

Set a Financial Goal

Set a monetary goal and work from there to determine what is needed to reach it.  How many auction items are needed, and what is their cumulative value?  Determine whether your auction includes “silent” bids (written), “live” bids (with an auctioneer), and/or online bidding enabled by mobile devices.

Procure High Quality Auction Items

Consider your audience and try to get items they will love and want to buy. Gift cards to popular shops, salons and restaurants almost always go for full value or higher. Items like furniture and jewelry that are very “taste-specific” are harder to sell.  But don’t discount a donor that wants to support your school. Professional services also have fundraising potential.   Consider creative ways to raise more money for your cause. Sell sponsorships, parking privileges (by year or semester), out-of-uniform passes, principal-for-a-day, a class party, etc.

Plan, Market, and Raise Excitement for the Event

Have a theme, describe your auction, gather corporate sponsors, secure a venue space, and publicize how the funds will benefit your school.  Remember that an auction is also a happy social event.  Celebrate and enjoy your school community.  Have a fun theme, offer a unique experience, and market the event as something not to be missed!

Help Your Event Go Smoothly with the Right Auction Software

School auctions used to document bids with clipboards, paper, and long checkout lines at the end of the evening.  Thank goodness for auction software!  With the right technology at your disposal, the process is now easy and fun for everyone.

  • Mobile bidding is a paperless bidding method that allows participants to bid straight from their smartphones
  • Auction software allows supporters to participate even if they can’t attend in person
  • Creates a fun and seamless way to patrons to browse, bid, and pay all in one place
  • Eliminates long lines at registration and checkout, providing donors a better experience

When fundraising is a success, everyone wins!  For your donors and your school, it’s a good idea to learn more.  Download your guide and reach out at 888 566-0945 or