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“I respect the school staff members that I work with and that makes working with them a pleasure. They strive to be the best stewards of their school’s money.  The staff members appreciate the school specific industry education that I provide them with.”

– Lisa Banfield, Account Manager

“Working with independent schools has been incredibly fulfilling. Being able to take a consultative approach, and really be an extension of their office, makes my day enjoyable. I love building relationships with my clients and potential clients. It’s a very unique market and one that I’m excited to be a part of!”

– Julie Woestman, Account Manager

“Working with Independent Schools is so rewarding. The collaborative community makes it easy to solve problems and find the best solution for each school. The unique type of person working at Independent Schools makes serving them fun and easy to build lasting relationships.”

– Jessica Wallis, Director of Training and Technology

“I like working with our schools because they are such unique and friendly clients. It has been wonderful building relationships and getting to know so many of them so well! It’s amazing to work with a client base that cares just as much about us as we do about them.”

– Patrica Johnson, Director of Client Services

“I like working with schools because our clients are dedicated to helping children achieve their potential and becoming productive adults.”

– Connie Bruce, Client Services

“I know how hectic school offices can be – I like being able to make my clients’ lives a little easier.”

– Maddie Bala, Account Manager