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5 Tips for Increasing Efficiency in a School Business Office for Fall

Tips for the Independent School Business Office

As school season begins, you are wrapping up summer camps, preparing for the end of the fiscal year and straightening files for upcoming audits. We pulled together some tips that might help make your life easier and work more productive over the course of the school year.

Optimize your number of merchant accounts for your school

fall-leaf-300x228Some schools benefit from fewer merchant accounts and other schools, based on reconciliation approach and controller preference prefer a larger number. Same is true for the number and type of gateways. Evaluate and optimize for your needs.

Implement new software systems

If you are integrating any new software systems from vendors this fall, now is a good time to start that work.

Consider a registration management system

If you find that you are spending too much time scheduling teachers, classes, students and after school offerings, look into a registration management system. A good system should blend seamlessly with your school’s website, accept all electronic payment options, produce meaningful reports and handle wait lists, deposits, auto-charges, etc.

Obtain mobile card readers for your fundraising auction

Mobile card readers allow you to accept payments anytime, anywhere. They are particularly useful at fundraising auctions because they leverage impulse giving, reduce administrative hassles and avoid card-not-present fees. Ensure that your card reader is compatible with all of your campus activities – like our mobile card reader which is specifically tailored to the needs of the independent school campus.

Evaluate how much a school-wide purchase card might reduce costs and paperwork for your school

With multiple departments making purchases throughout your campus, you may realize significant cost savings by securing a school purchase card which will allow you to earn cash-back on all of these expenditures.  Look for a card with no annual fee that will let you easily hand out and closely manage multiple cards for as many colleagues as you need.